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OCTOBER 21 – 23, 2019

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Founder of Quansight


Author, entrepreneur, data scientist, founder/CEO of Quansight, NumFOCUS, PyData, and founder/CEO (now director) of Anaconda, Inc.. Oliphant was the founding author of SciPy, NumPy, and Numba and organized the teams that produced Conda, Dask, JupyterLab, XND, uarray, and several other projects. He has been deeply involved with the foundational communities of the PyData ecosystem for over 20 years.

Cari Guittard

Senior Associate, Gender Intelligence Group
Cari E. Guittard, Senior Associate of Gender Intelligence Group, is a founding Principal at Global Engagement Partners (GEP), an on demand global engagement, tri-sector strategy, and strategic influence consulting firm. In this capacity Guittard continues her corporate diplomacy, crisis management and women’s leadership efforts as well as work on an extensive global portfolio of issues supporting numerous multi-national companies, start-ups and governments around the world. Nicknamed 'The Un-Guided Missile' Guittard specializes in developing thought leadership and instigating action by developing, branding and executing unique partnerships and grassroots campaigns nationally and globally for maximum impact. In addition to GEP, Guittard serves in an adjunct faculty capacity for the Hult International Business School teaching courses each year for graduate business students on Leadership Immersion, Gender Intelligence, Corporate Diplomacy & Geopolitical Risk, Crisis Management and International Negotiations. Prior to her teaching and work with GEP, Guittard served as founding Executive Director of Business for Diplomatic Action, a private sector-led public diplomacy non-profit whose mission involved engaging and guiding corporations on a variety of global affairs and public diplomacy activities. Prior to BDA, Guittard served in senior positions at the US Department of State working on a variety of portfolios ranging from public diplomacy and public affairs to cyber security, counter-terrorism, and political military affairs. One of her last posts included working as a Special Assistant to advertising legend Charlotte Beers during her tenure as Under Secretary of state for Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs. Guittard's approach to Women's Leadership and Gender Intelligence is deeply influenced by her work with Beers, particularly the X Factor program Beers founded for senior women in the WPP companies as well as the work of Barbara Annis, pioneer of the Gender Intelligence movement and founder of Gender Intelligence Associates.

Dr. Derek Loftis

Associate Research Scientist, Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Dr. Derek Loftis is an Associate Research Scientist working in the Center for Coastal Resources Management and the Virginia Commonwealth Center for Recurrent Flooding Resiliency at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). Dr. Loftis graduated with a Ph.D. in Marine Science in 2014 from VIMS at the College of William and Mary upon completing his dissertation focusing on street-level flood forecasting in New York City during 2012 Hurricane Sandy.

Prior to working at VIMS, Derek conducted satellite remote sensing research to aid in modeling large-scale atmospheric processes at NASA Langley Research Center, where he helped manage the Virginia Climate Change project with an emphasis on the influences of observed and predicted sea level change in Hampton Roads, VA. He did this while he completed his Master’s Thesis research at the US Department of Energy’s Jefferson Lab Applied Research Center, studying and modeling very fine-scale interactions in the field of physical electrochemistry and materials science from 2007-2009 while he completed his Master's Degree in Environmental Science at Christopher Newport University. Interestingly enough, this would effectively foreshadow the importance of coupling large scale modeling processes with fine scale interactions in Dr. Loftis’ street-level flood forecasting research at VIMS in the coming decade.

Dr. Loftis' hydrodynamic modeling research at VIMS focuses on: (1) development of numerical simulations and flood forecasts for regions prone to flood damage, (2) validation of model accuracy with drones and satellite remote sensing observations, and (3) engineering solutions to enhance adaptability to future flood events to protect human life and valuable infrastructural assets. Dr. Loftis teaches remote sensing and geographic information systems classes at the College of William & Mary, and he is the project lead and a developer of the hydrodynamic model used in the StormSense Project in the Greater Hampton Roads Region of Tidewater Virginia.

Richard Sutton

Vice President of Geospatial Analytics, Skyhook
He leads the spatial team leveraging content enrichment, pathology detection and feature extraction to support all of Skyhook's product lines.

For the past decade Richard has worked to marry Skyhook's flood of mobile device-sourced signal data to increasingly complex digital landbase geometries.

This has progressed from providing core location services to Apple, Samsung and other OEMs in the earliest days of smartphones to the billions of requests Skyhook now positions and decorates daily. Persistent attention to these evolving problem sets has generated unique insights into the geographies of cell, Wi-Fi and IP deployment as well as mobile device distribution and behaviors worldwide.

Prior to joining Skyhook Richard had spent more than 15 years designing and deploying geographic information systems for dozens of customers in government including the US Departments of Interior, Justice and Transportation, NOAA, US Navy, Army Corps of Engineers and many state, city and regional transportation, planning and health agencies. As Director of Analysis at AppGeo and founder of Reference Standard he has consulted to businesses including AT&T, Bank of America and Industrial Economics and to academic/NGO organizations including Climate Central, MIT and the Brookings Institution.

Richard holds multiple patents in the areas of mobile device positioning, context extraction from wireless beacon behaviors and geo-semantic identity determination.

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